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Eight Stories to Mull Over on a Dreary Day:

Inner city School Sends 100% of Its Graduates on to College. Chicago’s Urban Prep Academy for Young Men not only graduated every young man in their school, but every one of them is going to college next semester. All 107 seniors in Urban Prep will be attending one of 72 American colleges. Kudos to the grads and to their excellent school!

People Who Tempt Mother Nature Should Pay the Piper: Hamptonites who built homes on the Atlantic are all in a tizzy after being flooded out by last weekend’s nor’easter which brought 17 foot waves and 70 mph winds to their front doors. Taxpayer-subsidized flood insurance will help them rebuild but won’t do much for their eroded private beaches.

A Kiss Is But a Kiss, Except in Dubai: An amorous British couple in Dubai faces a month in jail for violating that emirate’s decency laws by engaging in a public liplock. Brits aren’t known for being very demonstrative and it’s believed alcohol played a part in their indecency in uptight Dubai.

Is There a Doctor in the House? According to a New England Journal of Medicine survey, there may not be after we get Obamacare. Almost a third of 1200 responding doctors said they would quit or retire if Obamacare is passed, almost 50% said they would quit or retire if a public option is included.

Pssst. Hey, you want a job? Rep. Joe Sestak (D, PA) wanted a job, the senate job of Sen. Arlen Specter (D, PA). However, the White House didn’t want him to have that particular job and offered Sestak “a high-ranking administration job if he would drop his senate primary challenge.”

Regressive Soda Tax Hits Poor the Hardest. Instead of revamping the tax code, eliminating government waste and redundancy, cutting payrolls, and prosecuting tax and welfare cheats, New York State has hit upon a sweet solution to its budgetary mess: make a 12 ounce can of soda cost 12 cents more. Everyone will blame retailers while the governor skates off with the money.

Massachusetts Changes Bully Bill but Keeps Its Potty Mind. Language in a Massachusetts’ State Senate anti-bullying bill that would have criminalized any and all criticism of homosexuals was deleted from that bill. The legislature is still considering the “Transgender Rights…” bill that would permit “men” to use ladies’ rooms and vice versa.

South African Baboons Like Chardonnay. Well, they like choice Chardonnay grapes which they’ve been gobbling up by the tonnes-as the Brits spell tons-of them in S.A. vineyards. One vintner lost 40% of his grape harvest in a month. Problem is you can’t shoot them and you can’t live with baboons, as any woman knows. Solution: surrender and harvest fewer grapes.

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