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“Access Control Systems” as its name suggests these are the software integrated solutions or the systems which are used to acquire the full control to the access (entry/exit) points of an organisation or any other place. Access Mechanics are the mechanical components such as BOOM Barriers, Door Barriers, Electronic Locks, etc. which blocks the access points and restricts the person, entering without his/her identity, that may be in the form of his active RFID Card, Smart Card a card including a bar code or his own biometrics.

Access Hardware includes the above said Identity readers, such as RFID Reader, Smart Card reader, Barcode Reader or Biometric readers. Both of these, Access control Mechanics and Hardware work together with a customized software having wide range applications throughout the world.

Following is a list view of the whole System.

  • Software
  • Hardware
    • RFID Tags / Card Reader
    • Smart Card Reader
    • Barcode Reader
    • Biometric Reader
      • Fingerprint Scanners
      • Eye Scanners
      • Speech Scanners
  • Mechanics
    • Boom Barriers
    • Door Barriers
    • Electronic Locks

As you can see the above relation, a complete Access Control System is Incomplete or Inefficient without a software, as a software keeps a close eye on every movement of the integrated Hardware and Mechanical components. Software on getting verification through the database components commands the mechanical components to act accordingly. For eg. a person with an expired RFID card can gain access through the access point without a software, but if the software is integrated the person will be blocked at the access point and thus, increasing the security of the organisation.

Moreover, any unauthorised person cannot pass through the access points because of the increased security. In today’s world, the workload is decreasing day by day and with the automation of the access points the time-office has to pay less efforts and can do things in an streamline way. So, these access control systems can also be used in theft control.

Access Control Systems has a wide application throughout the world from traveling tickets to cattle farming. You might be surprised to know that heard arrangement is bieng done using RFID Tags, tags can be put on to the livestocks and can be arranged accordingly. In travelling, many metro’s use RFID tags allotted to their customers.

These systems can also be used extensively for the purpose of payroll calculation in industry or in the management of employees, with the integration of the access control systems one can make an ERP with everything automated, from payroll calculation to inventory control.

In the end I would like to highlight that Access control systems can change our lives by just small or large integrations, and the management would be a lot more easier than today.

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