Are Electronic Health Records A Worthwhile Option?

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No matter what area of the medical field you are in, the chances are very good that you have heard mention of electronic health records. Better yet, the majority of offices in the medical field today are already either converted or are converting over to this electronic form of recording medical records.

Many people will swear by this new method of documentation while others will say that there are far too many flaws that come along with such a system. Before you make a decision either way as to whether or not electronic health records are beneficial to your office, you should try to make sure that you do a reasonable amount of research.

When it comes to the systems using electronic health records, otherwise known as EHR, it goes without saying that they speed up the documentation process quite a bit. Additionally, since the system is semi-automated, there are often less mistakes when it comes to various procedure codes and descriptions. Such information can also be put together quickly if there is ever a need to any type of an audit, questions on billing or a patient or other physician’s request for files for observation.

Perfect For Multi-Location Practices

Often, patients need to visit satellite offices or various medical providers that are set up at a different location than that of where they visit primarily. The implementation and use of electronic health records allows for easy transmission from one office to the next. The ability to have this information so readily available will prove to be extremely beneficial not only to providers but also to the patients who are seeking care or services from a health provider, dentist or surgeon.

Before switching over to an electric health records system, it is important that you think of the potential impact that it will have on your office, whether good or bad. Take into consideration that the right system could dramatically reduce costs as well as storage space.

Additionally, if you have a smaller practice then you could end up saving money on everything from transcription services to part time staff and paper or filing supplies. Depending on the type of services that you provide in your office, you could also find that an electronic health records can be extremely helpful as a way to increase patient confidentiality.

Always Simplify

Because there are always so many advances in the tech world as well as the medical field, it is a good idea to implement a system that is easy to use and upgrade. Whenever you have a billing system that is easy to use, you will be able to quickly run reports on billing, send out patient invoices and much more. Such an accounting asset is a wonderful reward to having just the right electronic health records system in place.

Once the learning curve is over and done with, you should also see that your staff will be thrilled with the ease of use that comes along with such an electronic system. By potentially running a paperless office, you can help to improve functionality in terms of billing, accounts, scheduling and much more. Many people who have already switched over to an electronic health records system will say that it was the best decision they could have made and that they can’t imagine working without it.

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