Argentina squad are worried they could catch COVID-19 during Copa America, admits Lionel Messi

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Argentina captain Lionel Messi has revealed that the entire squad is worried they could catch COVID-19 in Brazil as they participate in the Copa America after positive tests elsewhere. The 2021 edition of the tournament is being held in Brazil after issues with previous hosts Colombia and Argentina.

With the Copa America going ahead despite serious concerns for players with the tournament being held in Brazil, it has seen many fans, players and critics alike concerned. Not only for the players participating in the tournament but also for the people of Brazil in what is a very trying time in a country hit hard by the global pandemic. However, even before the tournament started, it saw players from Bolivia, Colombia and Venezuela test positive, something which has increased the concerns.

That has seen Lionel Messi admit that the entire Argentina squad is concerned about their own well-being following the same as they’re worried that they could test positive as well. The Argentina captain further added that while they’re being careful and taking precautions, anything could happen and it doesn’t solely depend on themselves.

“It worries us because it is a risk for everyone catching COVID-19. We try to be careful but it’s not easy. These things happen. We’ll try to do all we can so no one gets it but sometimes it doesn’t depend solely on ourselves,” Messi said, reported ESPN.

The Barcelona legend has been arguably one of the most successful players at a club level but has struggled internationally and many believe that this is one of his last chances. It saw Messi admit that he believes it’s time to “strike a blow” and win the Copa America because one of his biggest dreams is to win a title/trophy with his country. He also added that he has come close on many occasions but will keep going until he can’t anymore.

“I think this is the time to strike a blow and the chance could come in this Copa America. My big dream is to win a title with the national team. I was very close on many occasions and unfortunately it didn’t work out. I will keep going until I can’t any more. I’ve been lucky enough to win everything at a club level and on an individual level and it would be beautiful to win with the national team as well,” he added.

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