Australian swimmer Madeline Groves won’t compete at Olympics because of ‘misogynistic perverts in sport’

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Swimmer Madeline Groves has decided that she has had enough and will not compete in Australia’s Olympic trials this summer.

Why? Apparently, it’s because she has dealt with “misogynistic perverts” in the sport and doesn’t want to be exploited by them.

Groves originally made her announcement on Instagram but took to Twitter to call out the people who “body shame or medically gaslight” young women and girls in swimming.

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Groves, a two-time Silver medalist for Australia, has outlined complaints in recent months on Twitter. This included her discussing the promotion of a person who made her “feel uncomfortable” in the way they stared at her in her swimsuit.

Around the same time, Groves mentioned a comment a well-known coach made in a “creepy” voice.

Groves would go on to call the behavior she experienced “a disgusting open secret in swimming.”

As such, the 26-year-old is sitting out the games to make a statement. And it’s understandable why.

That said, as she confirmed on Instagram, her career isn’t over yet and she plans to compete in events later in the year.

Per Reuters, governing body Swimming Australia contacted Groves late last year after her initial Twitter comments.

“Swimming Australia reached out to Maddie in December 2020 to enquire about a tweet sent by her that referenced potential abuse by someone connected with swimming,” SA said in a statement. “Maddie declined to provide further information nor do we have any previous complaints on record from Maddie.

“All allegations concerning child abuse or sexual misconduct are taken seriously by Swimming Australia.

“We consider the welfare, safety and wellbeing of children and young people as paramount, and we have a duty to make inquiries to uphold the standards of our sport.”

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