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Good business requires good people at work. A wrong employee is expensive and time consuming. Therefore hiring an employee is a challenging process.For bringing the right talent to one’s Company, owners are more interested in recruiting specialty application such as Resume tracking software. This web application has helped in removing inefficiency and tediousness out of the online recruiting.

With Resume Tracking software company maintains own careers site to handle job applications and to manage applicant information.

A typical Resume Tracker system allows you do the following:

  1. List your jobs: Resume Tracker admin is used to setup careers site, add new job positions and customize design.
  2. Share careers site: Instead of using email to receive resumes, applicants can submit job applications through your careers site.
  3. Review applicants: When resumes pour in, you can track, search and manage applicants.

A large base of industries such as IT companies, broadcasting, consulting, entertainment, financial, government, hardware, health care, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, retail, telecommunication, transportation and so on.

Here are the reasons why companies should use Resume Tracker for online recruiting.

Quick setup: Resume Tracker is easily set up within two minutes.

Easy to use: Intuitive and clean user interface provides good user experience to customers.

Attract talents: A professional looking careers’ site offers first good impression of the company to potential job candidates

No more PDF files: Unlimited amount of resumes can be viewed and stored on the site.

Keep track: All submitted resumes are automatically sorted by the system. Applicants can be searched easily by job, status and submitted date. You can even comment and rate for each job applicant.

Affordable: Various pricing plans are available. Choose a pricing plan that fit your needs and budget.

Integrate with your site: So that you can control the design of your careers site.

Increase exposure: Automatically post new jobs to popular paid job boards and free job aggregators. Your new job openings will be viewed by thousands of job hunters around the world.

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