Believe it Or Not, Search Engine Optimization Is For Everyone!

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“If You Build It, They Will Come”. That’s the creed of most website owners whose businesses depend on their online presence to thrive. Many companies simply hire graphic-minded web designers with the hope that the beauty of the site will grab their target market by their aesthetic-loving throats and drive that company up the internet ladder of organic success. But, it didn’t happen that way…did it!

It’s a common mistake. Without knowing the intricate workings of search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, business owners are left with little more than to “Build It”, and wonder…where are they?

Truth is, there’s an internet science called Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. You’ve heard of it & possibly even try to do a little of it yourself. SEO is what all website owners wish was…POOF…just there-ready to take them to the internet marketing promised-land. It’s of such high value because SEO is what separates those who come up 1st on Google’s, Yahoo’s, Bing’s FREE search results and those who come up on…say, page 12. Sound familiar?

To some do-it-yourselfers, SEO is simply Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Campaigns (Also known as Cost Per Click or CPC Internet Marketing). This is certainly a 1st step, but is actually an expensive way to facilitate SEO–not the best way cut expenses & fine-tune your business. And, while PPC is certainly a part of SEO, it’s more of a peripheral tool and NOT the main focus of effective SEO. Not to mention, probably every one of your competition is doing the exact same thing. And, it’s hard to leap ahead in the market without doing things better-much better!

What is SEO & What does it mean to you?

Real SEO is best understood as being a combination of Website “Tweaking” (or complete overhaul), Social Networking, External Linking Campaigns, Refreshed Content, Keyword Research (a market study of your Target Market’s Behavior, as well as analysis of the marketing successes & failures of your competition), etc. Real SEO is a Full-Scale Attack against the half-hearted internet marketing “efforts” of your competition & is your company’s best chance for a serious competitive market advantage.

As self-serving as this sounds (being an SEO Technician, myself), the truth is that every company will benefit from complete SEO campaign-I mean, the works! The problem here is that most SEO companies scare businesses off with their tragically off-putting price structure-making the whole thought of trying something new, largely prohibitive. Most SEO firms will honestly quote a small-medium sized company (with about a 10-20 page website) from $45,000 to $145,000. Don’t be dissuaded!

(This is where I become an enemy of my fellow SEO Technicians)

Truth be told, vast improvements to your online campaign can be done on a “sole proprietorship” budget.

1. Websites can cost Thousands! And, often with some justification. Aside from the “Brilliance” of the graphics (which can often make your site less effective..believe it or not), there is a big difference between the Languages in which website is written-And, when combined with proper SEO, can make a difference.

(And, here’s the HOWEVER)…However, MOST of these sites, beautifully designed and in the best Site Language on the market, still have poor use of many of the SEO-Rich tools that a site should have to be Organically successful. Believe it or not, a $600 site, written in unsophisticated language, can often be designed to beat the pants off of a $12,000 Mega Site rather easily. Because, a Great Majority of Web Designers Understand SEO about as well as you do…no offense!

2. SEO Marketing Campaigns don’t have to cost a fortune!

o PPC Marketing Campaigns can be done from between $200-$800/ month & still be an improvement over your competition.

o External Linking Campaigns, while being very labor & time-intensive, can often be free!

o Working Social Media also is time-intensive. But, for willing laborers, can be another effective tool for driving your business’ web presence up the Google, Yahoo & Bing organic charts. This means free advertising!

The Unfortunate Turn-Off of SEO

The entire reason that businesses want this kind of online power is so they can get free organic search engine placement & stop the costly cycle of Yellow Pages, Print Media & Paying Cute Little Marketing Reps to run all around town knocking on doors with Flyers & Candy Jars. Not only should effective marketing not cost a company $145,000/ year to have, but it should also single-handedly help a company shed another $145,000 in overhead. This kind of success can easily be done on a budget of $1,000 -$2,000/ month & be the key component to shedding company waste–while gaining a market advantage over your competitors.

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