Best Job Interview Questions

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Interview is one of the processes which make everybody frightened. You need to be extra smart if you want to be the winner. However you can prepare in advance. There are course materials available for all type of interviews. Some of questions are common to all kinds of interviews. You will have to practice very hard. Your hard work will earn you fruits if you will read good material.

Some of the best interview questions are as follows:

1. Tell me about yourself

This is the most general question which can be asked from you. Sometimes these types of questions become very hard to answer. Actually, this happens when you are not hundred percent sure about yourself. It might be that something has gone wrong with you and you cannot tell about it to the recruiters. Hence, you want to keep quite. But this is not the solution. You definitely need to speak. When there is a will, there is a way. Hence, you should keep yourself in the race all the time. Try to find out the solutions and answer accordingly.

2. Why do you wish to leave the present job?

This question is asked to know about your behavior. The recruiter wants to know how professional you are. Your answer will be different in different situation. You might be fired or laid off. You might even have left the job on your own. The recruiters want to know what your reaction after leaving the job was.

3. What are your strength and weaknesses?

This is one of the questions which everybody wants to avoid. I do feel that you will have some sort of answers in your mind. However I would advice you to be innovative and come up with new ideas. Only then you will succeed. Gone are those days when the people used to say that I am workaholic. The recruiters now are fed up of such type of answers.

4. What salary do you expect?

This is definitely one of the questions which can be confusing sometimes. However, no company will hire you if your salary demand is more than the fixed salary for that job. You will definitely not get an offer then. Hence, either you need to sacrifice or you need not apply for such jobs.

5. Tell us the top three things you are good at?

The choice is yours. You will have to decide what are the top three things of your choice?

These are some of the interview questions which are best and asked in almost all the interviews.

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