Book Review – On the Road to Happiness by Lauren C. Hudson

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Book Review

On the Road to Happiness: Tales of the Traveler by Lauren C. Hudson

Pathway Publishing, 0971423008, $6.95

To look at Lauren Hudson, one would think of a woman who has it all: a successful job as a television news reporter, the recognition and admiration of her peers, and many opportunities to rub elbows with the rich and famous. For all the joy a major media award or a friendly smile from a handsome film star brings, however, such luxury is not enough to prevent a life-threatening situation, which is what happened to Lauren Hudson.

Having overcome a bout with cancer at the height of her career, Lauren’s priorities shifted drastically, and thus she began a personal and spiritual journey in order to help herself move beyond illness and toward happiness. The success of this journey is shared through Hudson’s small yet inspirational book, On the Road to Happiness: Tales of the Traveler.

On the Road to Happiness is a prose poem biography of the Traveler, represented as a wiry, curious being in the illustrations peppered throughout the book. Throughout the pages of multi-chaptered verse the Traveler ponders his station in life and sets out to find it, only to discover through those he meets along the way that the true path to happiness can only be found within oneself…and with trust in God.

Happiness is the first in a series of planned inspirational and motivational books for Hudson, and truly an inspiring gift to give to a friend in need of direction. Short on length yet long on wisdom, this title is a good remedy for a frustrated soul.

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