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A number of people find the hospitality industry a challenging one. People who are into this job feel a sense of fulfillment because they not only perform a job, they also serve the public. The nature of the job is very complicated and stressful. It’s also highly competitive as new businesses continue to emerge while existing ones branch out. Also, millions of professionals and non-degree holders seek jobs in hospitality.

The hospitality industry is very broad. Its scopes include hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, spas, resorts, cruise ships, and many more. With so many job categories to choose from in this industry, none is more exciting and rewarding than hospitality sales jobs.

No company can ever progress and establish a good reputation if not for sales. More so in hospitality wherein there are many businesses competing against each other. Aside from proper management, sales play an important role in the company’s success.

So what are your responsibilities if you’re in sales? Just like with other sectors, working in sales involve promoting and selling the products and services of the company. You’re obligated together with the rest of the sales staff to come up with creative ideas that will help attract customers. This includes planning advertisements, promos, and other perks to encourage the general public to patronize your company.

Getting into hospitality sales is easy especially if you possess the right attitude, skills, and educational background. Being creative is at the top of the list. If you can attractively market the company to customers, you can also affect their ability to decide.

In addition, you need to possess excellent communication skills. Sales require you to be in close contact with customers as the main representative of the company. You must be able to get your message across effectively. Speak clearly and logically and express yourself also by using non-verbal communication tools like gestures and proper facial expression.

With regard to educational qualifications, those who hold a degree in business administration, hospitality, or mass communication are the ideal candidates since they are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary in sales. In addition, they’ve undergone training in this area which they can put into practice once they’re in sales.

However, if you’re a degree holder and unhappy with your present job, you can always enter the world of hospitality sales. You just need to gain sufficient experience relevant to sales and apply in one of the hospitality industries where you’re qualified.

You won’t be disappointed to be a part of the hospitality industry especially if you’re in sales. There’s a handsome compensation package that awaits anyone who want to work in hospitality sales jobs. Add to that are the benefits and extra income you can earn from commission.

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