Career Ladder: A Move Down

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No matter how strange it may sound, moving down a career ladder happens pretty often. At first it’s hard to picture reasons for this, but as a rule people downsize themselves for a less stressful and more interesting job.

This may also be the question of industry you are in. If the industry is poorly developed, you’d better look for alternatives even if changing careers would involve a career move down.

What are the basic things to consider if you are moving down? First of all, think carefully of how much your salary would be reduced. Weigh all pros and cons and take the decision whether it suits you or not. The advantages of moving down are experiencing less stress at work, flexible hours and diverse employment options.

Moving Down Steps

Take a Decision.

Think carefully what you are about to lose. What are the benefits of the new position? Is it all worth it? If your answer is ‘yes’ then move forward.

Start Job Searching

Before you start job searching, you need to have a clear idea of what you actually want to do and what sphere interests you the most. Downsizing is similar to a career change, that is to a fresh start. There is no need to hustle, take a deep breath and take as much time to choose as you need.

No Harm in Trying

Sometimes it’s really hard to choose what exactly you want to do. But this is not a great problem because you only need to start to understand what kind of job it is, if it interests you or not. There is always a great number of part-time or volunteer job opportunities.

A Cover Letter

Writing a cover letter is not an obligatory but greatly helpful thing. Express your personality in a cover letter and emphasize the universal skills you have acquired at your previous job.

Job Applications

There are several types of job applications. You may be either required to apply in person, to fill out a paper or online application form. Study all you need to know about job applications to complete them correctly.


If you are determined to go down, not to go up, you’ll have no problems with browsing websites. The universal job search rule is the following: the higher position you are trying to hunt – the harder it is to get what you want, because of severe competition and a limited number of jobs. Low-level positions are multiple and not so many people strive for them. So, feel free to use any job search website.

Think Differently

It’s always important what you think about this or that step in life. Consider moving down positively, as a transition and a career change, not a defeat.

Cool Down Your Ambitions

Once having decided to move down, be ready to become a lower-level employee comparing to what you used to be. It’s important to be humble enough and fulfill whatever task is expected of you.

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