Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants

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Those seeking employment in the healthcare sector can benefit greatly by choosing to be occupational therapy assistants. Certified occupational therapy assistants are assured excellent job opportunities in leading healthcare facilities with high remuneration and associated benefits. OT assistants should have good communication skills and be dedicated to their profession. The job involves working with patients with various physical and mental disabilities and providing high quality patient care.

Occupational Therapy Assistant Duties

In consultation with the therapist, a therapy assistant works with patients to improve the quality of their lives by developing and implementing OT treatment plans. These healthcare professionals utilize their knowledge, skill and effort to assist patients get back to a normal lifestyle. They help patients carry out the prescribed rehabilitation exercises and activities, and successfully navigate their living environment.

Basic Requirements to Practice in the U.S

To practice in the United States as a COTA (Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant), the occupational therapy assistant must hold a state-issued license in addition to an associate degree from an accredited college.

Comfortable Working Conditions

Therapy assistants can work in a range of healthcare and community based settings including rehabilitation centers, institutions, community centers, long term acute care centers, residential centers and hospitals. They have the option to work in flexible work schedules – part-time, full-time, long term or short term. Professionals who like to work in various locations can opt for traveling jobs.

Meet Your Professional and Personal Career Goals

Choosing OTA career as your profession, you can achieve your professional as well as personal goals. This is a career that offers numerous benefits such as travel expenses, earn bonus package, professional liability insurance, immigration processing for trained foreign candidates, Section 125 cafeteria plan, continuing education program, additional state license, paid housing, medical and dental insurance, relocation expenses, and 401(k) retirement plan.

Find the Right Recruiting Service

The process of finding this well-paid job can be frustrating. Overcome this frustration with the help of recruiting agencies that match the right employee with the right employer. Experienced recruiters in these agencies can assist certified occupational therapy assistants to locate the most rewarding jobs.

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