Charissa Thompson’s elevator run-in with ‘sexpot’ Tom Brady

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Charissa Thompson thinks Tom Brady’s “sultry” voice is a mix of tabasco, vanilla and whiskey.

The Fox Sports host, during a recent episode of her “Calm Down With Erin and Charissa” podcast with Erin Andrews, recalled a time when she saw the Buccaneers quarterback in an elevator, along with her good friend, actor and comedian Larry David.

“We’re up against the doors and I hear this sultry, like tabasco, vanilla whiskey voice go, ‘Hello Larry,’” Thompson recalled of the moment, which occurred a few years ago while at the Kentucky Derby.

“I turn around and the sexpot that was Tom Brady in sunglasses and a Nick Fouquet hat, and I was like, ‘Holy sh-t, I’ve never thought this guy was hotter.”

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Thompson, who noted the elevator was packed with people, said David acted nonchalant about seeing the star quarterback.

Charissa Thompson; Tom Brady
Charissa Thompson; Tom Brady
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“Larry goes, ‘Eh, Tom, hi,’ and looks back at the elevator doors and says nothing else,” she recalled, laughing.

“I think why everyone loves Larry is because Larry can’t be bothered, whether it’s Tom Brady, Jeff Bezos or anyone in-between.”

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