Corey B chalk-slaps Paulie Malignaggi as feud intensifies

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Sometimes, you just have to laugh.

Corey Bonalewicz, a social media star with approximately seven million followers on TikTok, is making headlines after a bizarre incident in which he slapped former boxing champion Paulie Malignaggi in the back of the head with chalk.

Malignaggi was broadcasting a celebrity boxing fight between former NBA star Lamar Odom and singer Aaron Carter in Atlantic City when Bonalewicz — more commonly known as Corey B — struck him with a handful of chalk and yelling “how’s your cut, G?” multiple times.

Malignaggi immediately threw down his headset and tried to confront Bonalewicz, though security guards did not let that happen.

This was not an unprovoked attack. The 32-year-old DJ is trying to become a fighter himself after the recent success stories of various social media stars, including Logan and Jake Paul. According to Bonalewicz, he did not have Malignaggi’s blessings.

Corey B and  Paulie Malignaggi
Corey B and Paulie Malignaggi
Getty Images; Gabriella Bass

“I was talking on the radio saying I’m excited about training and whatnot. Then all of a sudden I get a call from [Malignaggi],” Bonalewicz told Boxing Insider Monday. “He says he’s tired of us YouTubers and TikTokers trying to fight. He said how I’m a bum and bad for the sport. We went back and forth from there. What he said was, if he ever met me in person, I wouldn’t be man enough to see him face to face.”

It turns out, he was — and Bonalewicz had planned the chalk slap in advance.

“It was premeditated,” Bonalewicz said. “I had my morning show producer there and I knew it was going to happen. Malignaggi was the only one who didn’t know.”

The 40-year-old former welterweight belt-holder learned quickly enough, and Corey B wants it to go to the next level this fall.

“I got a contract [with Celebrity Boxing] that I signed. I’m fighting Oct. 10 and they’re still looking for someone for me to fight,” Bonalewicz said. “It could be him. I think he’s down. He’s been talking about me for a while now.”

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