Electronic Billing (EDI 210) From Couriers

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Electronic billing and invoicing systems are becoming very common in almost every industry. We are becoming a society of consumers and businesses that increasingly seek automation and ease of use in our billing practices. This is why any good Chicago delivery service that you do business with will likely be utilizing what is known as an EDI 210 billing system. EDI stands for electronic data interchange, and this is the system which most major courier companies now use to bill their customers.

This is a system which is focused on the easy an instant transmission of information. The end result is a billing and invoicing system between the courier and the customer which is much more closely integrated. This is going to end up saving you time, and quite often money as well when dealing with a courier company. This makes EDI 210 billing a feature that you should actively seek from your couriers.

What happens with EDI 210 billing is that all of the invoicing information that is created by the courier company is automatically shared between all of the appropriate pieces of software. This means that the courier company’s own accounting software can automatically be fed the information, as can the accounting software of their clients.

Obviously, this is a much quicker way of running the transfer of billing data between computer programs. But its biggest value may lay in its ability to reduce errors. Anytime information is manually transferred between places by a human, there is always a chance for a mistake to be made. When this happens, it can take a significant amount of time and effort to unravel where the error in the books was made.

If someone at your company makes a mistake and you have to pay someone to spend time going through your books trying to figure out why the numbers don’t reconcile, it’s costing you money. By the exact same token, when the courier company makes a mistake and is paying someone to sort out their own issue, it costs the money. The higher a courier company’s costs are, the higher their prices are going to have to be in order to maintain their profit of margin.

As you can see, EDI 210 isn’t just desirable because it saves time. The way that it can eliminate mistakes also helps to actually keep money in your pockets, which is perhaps the best reason why you should look for this feature in potential couriers.

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