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Making new innovative product might be an easy task; however, reaching the targeted customers about your new product is very difficult.

Consider a case study of Gaming Software. You have spent lot of efforts including your money and made excellent gaming software. You have successfully launched your product on your website.

Now check your revenue on sales.

Did you get the customer on the same day? Were you able to make progress within a week or month or year?

Without proper internet marketing, you cannot make progress.

We can categorize Internet Product Marketing as followings.

* Through SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

* Through Direct Email Marketing

In the first case, users visit your site through popular search engines, but your site may not be eligible for this marketing because you have recently launched your product and not yet listed in the search list by specific keywords.

Now what is the solution; it is Direct Email Marketing.

How to target your customers by email?

For Email Marketing, you need an online subscription manager to collect email ids based on your targeted business and Email Sender Software to send announcements and campaign emails by Text/HTML to your subscribers.

You can use EPractize Labs Business Solutions FREE Online Subscription Manager for your Email Marketing.

Try to collect email ids from Trial download customers and Tell-a-Friend options and maintain for future references. Always use subscription and unsubscription email ids or URLs in the email announcements to maintain your email list up-to-date.

SPAM Caution: Do not extract email ids from any unauthorized sites. It might result in creating SPAM complaints.

How to deliver your message directly to your targeted customers’ inbox using multi-threaded connection (not under bulk/spam folders)?

* Use your SMTP account (mail from your organization) and deliver the messages one by one. You may use BCC options; however, the delivering speed and reliability may not be good.

* Use Text messages instead of HTML messages.

* Extract bounced emails and update your email list for future email process.

* Increase the SMTP connection size and send emails simultaneously.

* Make your message as simple as possible to decrease the message content stream size.

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Good Luck!

About the Author : Ganesan CEO & CTO EPractize Labs Software. Has extensive experience in Internet Product Marketing, gained from marketing their own products.

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