Feng Shui Tips For Career And Business Success

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Very few people get great success in a career or business without some luck! Or is it luck? What is that extra ingredient despite all the hard work in the world will not get you success in a career journey or business adventure.

Feng Shui has knowledge that is more than luck that does not leave life’s fortunes to chance. The Ancient Masters of Feng Shui worked out patterns to control and attract success in many life areas. This knowledge is available today and is simple to apply and is better than hoping for luck in fact its has an amazing dynamic to attract luck.

Ihave interviewed several successful business people and those who had successful careers and the universal comments are – hard work, network contacts, two years at least to build,

and finally you must have some luck.

So lets look at the luck concept, the one ingredient that is not absolutely in your control. With Feng Shui luck or good fortune is attracted by arranging your inner house design to allow the universal energy of ‘Chi’ to flow freely and harmoniously. There are several factors that come into play here.

In your bedroom is the foot of your bed facing the doorway? Did you know this is called the ‘coffin position’ so change the position of your bed to ideally have wall on one side and good welcoming light from a window on the other and not pointing doorwards. When you create this positioning you are creating a ‘Sheng Chi’ energy flow in your life. This is the positive chi energy and your career aspects will be lifted.

Your working desk is important, as this is symbolic of work and careers. Make sure you do not have your back facing sharp edges as this creates negative effects for you. If you cannot change the location then neutralize the area with plant or crystal behind you as you work at the desk. Ideally your work position should be at the south of the Ba Gua Map for best energy flow for a successful career

Removing clutter from a working space or indeed any living area is very important for career prospects. Clutter being loose papers, scattered books and documents and generally messy work environment. Many of us say “I know where everything is” but in Feng Shui knowledge you are diminishing career opportunities while you live with the mess

Concerning clutter your front doorway is a vital area to stop or attract opportunity. The front door to the house is the mouth of the house, it is the entrance point for all good things or bad things and it is important to take care with this entrance by keeping the entrance area clean, open and light filled. If you have a small-darkened entrance hallway you can expand the chi of the area by placing a small oval mirror at the end o the passageway and facing directly the entrance doorway.

Do you have in mind the picture of the job or career you want? Find yourself a picture of that job or symbols that represent that job or career and hang the item in prominent place in the living or office space. This will attract what you want and keep your intention focused.

When the opportunity comes, and it will, then at that time of interview make sure you are seated in a position angled so you can see the doorway when you do this you give yourself command of the office space.

Water is known as the career element in fact Shui You will add to your career fortunes when you have flowing water in the home. A small fountain is ideal. You can work out the career zone in the house by consulting a Ba Gua map, which will give you the North position, and you will then be able to place a fountain in the most advantageous position. However make sure you don’t put wood or earth elements in this area.

Lastly your mindset is of high importance. Your mind with the right intentions and focused on the career you want will be greater than its own energy. It will attract ‘chi’ energy just as a house in the proper order attracts chi. So don’t dwell on your feelings which can mislead you by listening to that negative voice telling you about failure just set your mind on a positive outcome and hold it there through thick and thin and you will be a wonderfully surprised at the outcome.

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