Hosted Virtual PBX Phone System – Perfect For Companies With 5 – 50 Employees

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VoIP is the future of business communication. In the past, businesses needed to invest large sums of capital in bulky and complex PBX systems to manage communication with their customers. Not so anymore.

Hosted Virtual PBXes offer all of the services and functions of traditional PBX units, while drastically reducing the cost and labor required to run them on a daily basis. Leveraging existing high-speed Internet connections (meaning you have less hardware and wiring in your office), VoIP Hosted PBX phone systems offer unparalleled quality while improving efficiency for both businesses and their customers.

VoIP Hosted PBXes- Traditional Phone Systems on Steroids

Hosted PBXes have the advanced features that businesses expect from a phone system and need to operate. These features range from helpful auto-attendants to greet and direct callers, to voice mailboxes that collect customers’ messages so that a sales opportunity is never missed. But VoIP goes a step further. Taking your existing Internet connection and leveraging it for your phone system, VoIP eliminates the need for a PBX and offers your business a compelling array of benefits. All you need is a computer, Internet connection, and VoIP capable phones. No dedicated phone lines needed. No IT closet overstuffed with fickle hardware and wiring- the hosted PBX provider takes care of that. Setting up your services is easily done through a web interface. All this translates into immediate and ongoing savings for the customer. And what’s more, the sound quality is nothing short of impressive, especially when using HD capable phones that are entering the market.

Geographically limitless

These days, most companies with 5 or more employees have multiple remote locations. A hosted virtual pbx service allows companies to connect phones in any location to one another as if they were in the next cubicle, as long as they are connected to the Internet.


  • A home phone which rings simultaneously with your desk phone
  • Extension to extension calling no matter where you are
  • Calls forwarded to an iPhone
  • A software phone on your laptop to make and receive calls while traveling
  • Voice mail messages sent to your blackberry

These productivity enhancers, once financially out of reach of the SMB, are becoming standard features with VoIP hosted pbx systems.

About OnSIP Hosted PBX

Junction Networks’ OnSIP Hosted PBX is a hosted virtual PBX phone system full of professional features. Services include Auto-attendants, ACD Queues, Voice Mailboxes, Conference Bridges, and many others essential for business operations. All of these features can be set up and managed through a user-friendly web interface. This ease of access also offers the ability to scale up or down as needed. Hired new employees to your company? You can quickly create new users on your account. Have employees who need to work from home every once and awhile? Set up their extension so that multiple phones in separate locations ring together, to be sure your employees are reachable no matter where they are. OnSIP grows with your business, and OnSIP helps your business grow!

Hosted Virtual PBX Phone System – OnSIP offers a free, month long trial of the hosted virtual PBX phone service. After that, there are no contracts or commitments.

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