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It is accepted that service management software can help businesses in any field whether they are small scale companies, medium sized enterprises or big firms. Complete Service Management Software should be well built which can benefit the organization.

This software is having some of the important features like Work Order Management, Customer Sales and Tracking, Inventory management, Recurring Billing System, Accounting and most important reports and dashboards.

What is the benefit of this software?

Any business organization that is well managed is likely to achieve goals in today’s competitive environment. Observing and evaluating the key points and issues related to a business project must be done on a regular basis. For this proper management is required. Any mistake during the process will cause its effectiveness. In this case Service Management Software will help to grow their business.

Property managers can also use this software to perform all calculations without any errors. Managers can retrieve the information from the database and can generate reports and dashboards which help them to review all aspects of their business.

There are various software with different tools that can be used to build business processes effectively. Some of the software’s include Technician Management, Inventory Management, Recurring Billing, Service Scheduling, Dispatch Scheduling, Repair Scheduling, Reports and Dashboards and many more.

Technician Management Software helps you to search for and edit technicians by group, department, location and many more. Service Scheduling Software helps you to manage the company’s man power with driven scheduling system. Recurring Billing Software allows you to setup recurring billing plans and attach them to service offerings. Reports and Dashboards Software helps you review all aspects of your business. Inventory management software allows you to track both consumable and serialized items.

Some of the additional features and optional features of Service Management Software includes SSL Encryption, Website Portal, Web Base ERP, Credit Card Processing, Data Entry, Data Migration, Web Based Customer Tools and many more.

ProBusiness Tools is a Internet Based Service Management Software for service businesses gives your growing business a competitive edge. This software provides real time management to more than 200 service companies including Fortune 500 and national brand retailers.

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