Introduction To a Tank Farm System

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Tank farm operation systems have a reputation of being extremely dangerous and therefore require an in depth and rather advanced technical knowledge of flammable liquids, fire protection and firefighting. Here is where the need of correct management and system operations of oil and gas terminals is vital for a smooth running business. Handling the operations of a tank farm system efficiently requires a procedure of processing, transporting and then storing the oil or refined petroleum in the massive tank farms. This entire process also deals with substantial amounts of data that requires to be stored safely.

Individuals working in these intense tank farms need to carry out daily operations whilst maintaining a safe storage terminal. Some of the know-how that these individuals require includes:

1. They need to attain a thorough understanding about the ongoing operations and management of the stored oil and product terminals.

2. They need to possess professional skills in applying, planning and scheduling techniques in storage and transfer systems.

3. They require to develop good terminal management skills to ensure smooth functioning of the operations.

4. Should be able to come up with safe practices and procedures that could come handy during the course of the operations including emergencies such as oil spill and urgent response plans.

5. Need expertise in performing critical calculations for emission discharges, etc.

Since these transfer systems deal with a large transfer of high value voluminous amounts of oil, it is rather imperative for oil and gas companies to be extremely efficient in managing their inventory with a basic viewpoint of maximizing profit and reducing the scope of wastage and errors.

The above mentioned pointers gradually lead us to the next question…

What is an ATG?

ATG is an abbreviation given to Automatic Tank Gauging Systems. These are helpful devices that are permanently installed on-site. Their responsibility is to monitor the status of the underground storage tanks and provide crucial inventory information and lead testing. These vital systems make use of different technologies to perform these functions seamlessly.

Tank Farm Inventory Management System:

With an objective of managing physical inventories and accounting for accurate daily profit or loss calculation, a need for tank farm inventory management system arises. This software is suitable for bulk liquid asset management; apt for tank farms, terminals, refineries, etc. Thanks to technology, you can now also get accurate numbers through computer systems that update information at the same rate they receive information. This is referred to as Real Time Inventory Management.

These oils and other liquids are often loaded and unloaded in major volumes and hence the transfer requires to be managed with complete proficiency and nothing below the same. Managing the inventory and maximizing return on investment should be the sole target and focus.

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