ISP Billing Software – The Most Efficient Way of Managing Your Customers

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The use of internet is very common nowadays, every individual, organization, and businessman has to use the internet. It has now become a necessity for individuals as well as the masses. ISP Software is coupled with all the relevant features and modules that can help to setup a complete internet service provider. Now using this module one can start his own business of providing internet connections as well as managing the customers’ database with ease and without using any extra staff and manpower. This requires the minimal use of manpower and the person using it can access it remotely as well.

The ISP Software is very easy to install. It requires no lengthy softwares and installation costs and registrations. Further in antamedia billing software there is no service charges or leasing cost, it is only one time installation. There are no added or hidden costs but only the initial cost is associated with its purchase. The good point is that the buyer needs not to be reliant on any third party. It is wholly and solely owned by the person who purchases it.

Using antamedia ISP Software, the owner can actually manage and process hundreds and thousands of customers profile who are located anywhere in the world. Initially you can start as a single operator and gradually spread wider and wider and outspread your business. One of its module is bandwidth management and using this you can assign the uploading and downloading speed as well as assign desired bandwidth to every internet connection. Another feature is the language editor by which you can edit and use any language according to your country.

Another option of using ISP Software is the blocking or redirecting certain website address or URL or any specific keywords. Moreover it also has certain filters that allows or blocks certain websites that may be harmful or not appropriate. One very fascinating and convenient facility is the acceptance of credit cards. It becomes therefore easy as all processing would be done by the module. Employee accounts can also be maintained, complete database is kept and details of every record are maintained.

The limit of number of connections in ISP Software is literally unlimited. Amazing but true, you can actually have unlimited number of users once your business grows and can have effective and efficient management of those hundreds and thousands of people without any error and ambiguity. It helps to keep track of each and every individual’s data, personal information, address, connection ID, login time, logout time, assigned bandwidth, assigned uploading and downloading speed. It actually helps you run your ISP effectively and with ease and at the same time take the headache of all the billing and processing activities. You only need to pay an amount for license operator, in order to have centralized internet connectivity. The amount is worth it. That is you pay and receive the desired value of it. It is very beneficial in the long run of ISP business.

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