LA Knight on if he wants a “Virgil” type character with him in NXT

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LA Knight’s character is certainly living the lifestyle of “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase. But some would argue that there is one iconic piece of the puzzle missing. That would be DiBiase’s right-hand man, Virgil.

While most of the WWE Universe assumes that Ted DiBiase will be managing LA Knight going forward, some are wondering how DiBiase will fit into that role.

LA Knight recently spoke with Mike Johnson of PWInsider to discuss a variety of topics. While talking about the idea of LA Knight having a “Virgil” type character alongside him, he revealed that he’s currently taking applications.

“Well, I’m actually taking applications as we speak,” LA Knight revealed. “I’ve got a full line of recruits coming in who want to take over that. But if somebody meets the challenge, then perhaps that’ll happen. But if nobody meets the criteria, then I might just have to keep rolling solo.”

LA Knight on future plans as the Million Dollar Champion

As per what the future holds for LA Knight as the Million Dollar Champion, Knight believes that having this championship back in the fold makes it the most prestigious title in the black and gold brand.

“That championship, honestly now just with its presence, has now become in my mind, probably the most prestigious because, if you consider, it’s been around for what over 30 years,” LA Knight said. “The lineage is packed, but it’s short. There’s only been four guys to hold that thing before me. And two of those are gigantically iconic. You’re talking about Ted DiBiase. You’re talking about Steve Austin. To be on that level, on such a short list, and then I’ll be holding that title, I think that puts it in a whole different stratosphere. That doesn’t take anything away from the NXT title, because I still got my eyes on that. But I think you could arguably say that now, with the advent of the Million Dollar title, you’re looking at possibly the most prestigious title walking the streets.”

Do you think LA Knight needs a “Virgil” type of character with him in NXT? Or is someone like Ted DiBiase at his side more than enough? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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