LA Knight reflects on his overall career that’s led him to NXT

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LA Knight has arguably already had a great career in professional wrestling outside of WWE.

But now that LA Knight is with the black and gold brand of NXT, it allows the talented performer to reflect on his career as a whole.

LA Knight recently sat down with Mike Johnson of PWInsider to discuss a variety of topics. When Johnson asked LA Knight how he felt his personality had changed throughout his career to get him to this point, Knight quickly pointed out that his personality has pretty much been the same throughout.

“I feel like the personality has pretty much been the same, no matter where I’ve gone,” LA Knight said. “Only occasionally has the name changed. But it’s always the same feel. It’s always me. To be here at this point is giving me very mixed emotions, if I’m honest. Because a lot of it is, there’s some anger and frustration still that it’s taken me this long, but there’s a lot of gratitude. It’s an amazing feeling.”

LA Knight thinks he’s finally where he belongs in NXT

While LA Knight wishes he could have gotten to NXT sooner than he did, he feels like it’s a better late than never situation, and he now feels like he’s exactly where he belongs.

“At the same time, like I said, there’s still a little bit of that where it’s like, no, I’m hot about the fact that it’s just happening now,” LA Knight continued. “But you know what? Better late than never. I think I’m finally where I belong. I think it’s long overdue and time to just continue doing what we’re doing. I think we’ve managed to make a good amount of noise. And if I can continue making that noise, and maybe even make it a little bit louder, a little bit bigger, a little bit crazier, then we’re going to have a nice, fun, memorable run here at NXT.”

Have you followed LA Knight throughout his professional wrestling career? What does it mean to you to see him get to NXT? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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