Local Job Search – Can You Afford to Wait 6 Months to Find a Job?

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Your local job search, on average, is expected to take between 4 1/2 and 8 months. Why should this be? We are not in The Great Depression.

Successfully finding the job you want will break down into four areas. As you improve your skills in each area, the time for your job search shortens and the quality of your new job will increase. Gain an edge. There is no reason for your job search to be average.

1. Attitude

Can you keep your head while everyone else is running around claiming that the sky is falling? Whether you have lost your job or are looking for something better then cheer up. It couldn’t have happened at a better time and you will see this as we talk about job search technology.

As difficult as things might look, begin to see it as an opportunity to build your future. Many feel a release with great weights being lifted off them as they are released from that old job; there is baggage there that may not be obvious. Look forward to a new opportunity, new people in your life, and a freedom to explore where you’d like to go in life.

If you are bitter or hold any negativity over anything just release it. There is no value in spending so much energy in emotions when that same energy can speed you into that new job. It harms you to hold negative emotions because they will block you from finding the happiness and success that you deserve and which is yours.

2. Job Search Technology

Today the searching technology that will find you a new job is the greatest in history. Internet technology can be leveraged to locate the jobs you want. There are a great many good job search websites that can help you begin. These sites allow you to sign up, post your resume, and search their databases of jobs. Sites like Monster.com and Careerbuilder.com are great places to find job postings and to begin to learn how to find the job leads you want. You’ll also find composite search sites like Indeed.com.

Each of these sites has something to offer you. Each offers job listings and information on job search, resume, and the other things that go along with finding a job. Read, learn, begin to develop or improve your resume. The important thing is don’t get overwhelmed, sit back and learn. Later I’ll tell you about some videos that can introduce you to finding even more high quality job leads.

3. Cover Letter And Resume

A resume cover letter presents you to your prospective employer: it is your chief agent. Your cover letter should also ask for an interview. A cover letter should be brief and yet state why you are applying, why you are a good fit, and ask for the interview. It needs to do these things in a way that will bring that employer to your resume. Without a good cover letter, many resumes just wind up in the trash. With a great cover letter your opportunities will greatly increase.

Learn what your resume needs and does not need. For example it needs your relevant employment history, it does not need a lot of personal information. Your resume should present you and the skill set you bring in the best light. It should be well crafted and look good on the page. Don’t get hung up on finding the right template just begin and the refine.

4. Interview Techniques

You really can not over prepare for the interview and yet so many go in and just wing it. Winging it is OK for the “average” job search but your job search is going to be above average and you will be preparing. You will be ready with a firm handshake, a smile, and a positive outlook when you meet the interviewer.

There are many places on the web where you can find typical job interview questions. Use Google and find these questions and decide how you will answer. Without preparation, even the simplest question can trip up qualified candidates. “Why do you want to work here?” Do you have an answer for that? Have you gone to the companies website and learned about them. Is there something about that company that you can get excited about?

Be positive on your interview, you don’t need to talk badly about your old job, old boss, or old company. As previously stated release any negatives and get on with your life and into your new job. You are building your future and looking forward to contributing on the new job.

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