Michael Kay suggests Josh Donaldson deserved a ‘broken rib’

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Michael Kay’s team would have handled it differently.

The Yankees’ play-by-play man and ESPN Radio host inserted himself into the feud between Gerrit Cole and Josh Donaldson, after the Twins slugger accused the ace of cheating. Before Cole faced Minnesota on Wednesday night, Kay explained how he would deal with the situation.

“I’m not advocating, please don’t think I’m advocating for it, but I think Chris Carlin said it on the end of the show (Monday) with us – Josh Donaldson getting one right in the ribs for opening his mouth,” Kay said on “The Michael Kay Show


“Even Cole said that’s low hanging fruit … he’s getting one right in the ribs in the first inning. Right in the ribs. You wanna talk? Try talking with a broken rib.”

Donaldson put himself in the spotlight last week when he called out Cole for a dropping spin rate following the MLB’s announcement that they will crack down on illegal sticky substances. He doubled down on his comments before the game Wednesday.

Cole didn’t take Kay’s advice, but he did shut down Donaldson. He retired the slugger on all three of his at-bats, striking him out twice in the Yankees’ 9-6 win.

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