Microsoft Dynamics GP (Former Microsoft Great Plains) Support in Chicago Metro

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Microsoft Great Plains was and is very popular mid-market ERP application, originally designed by Great Plains Software on GPS Dexterity platform, later on purchased by Microsoft and transformed into Microsoft Great Plains Business Solutions, later on (after Navision Software acquisition) renamed into Microsoft Business Solutions and in September 2005, again renamed into Microsoft Dynamics. Microsoft Great Plains is part of Microsoft Dynamics family together with Navision, Axapta, Solomon and Microsoft CRM – each product was renamed as Microsoft Dynamics GP, NAV, SL, AX and CRM respectively. Currently Microsoft is advancing rapidly Microsoft Dynamics project, resulting in Microsoft Dynamics MRP family of products to be integrated with Microsoft Office, MS Sharepoint, Microsoft Business Portal (each Dynamics has its own blend of BP), plus each Dynamics product is targeted to be opened to Microsoft Visual Studio developers via SDK and other tools, such as eConnect, in the case of Microsoft Great Plains Dynamics GP. Below we would like to give you highlights on Microsoft Dynamics GP

o Version 10.0. It should be released as you read these lines. Former version is Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0. In 9.0 Microsoft Dexterity is deemphasized, while such tools as eConnect and MS Dynamics GP SDK allows C# or VB.Net software developer to program customizations for GP

o Business Portal. We would like to concentrate here on Order management module – replacement for former eOrder for Microsoft Great Plains. Order Management is module, integrated into Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Portal, and so is Microsoft .Net application. It also allows you to call Microsoft terminal services client to open Microsoft Dynamics GP dex fat client to enter transactions, when corresponding BP portion needs additions in GP

o Chicago businesses. It is definitely diversified place, however we would like to concentrate on typical mid-size businesses. Distribution and logistics – Such GP modules as Inventory control and Sales Order Processing are subject to light (or heavy) customization to automate D&L business logic. Placement agencies – these companies typically deal with US Payroll module, where they need additional features, in some cases BP employee self service should give you customization platform. Light manufacturing and assembly – Great Plains has decent discrete manufacturing and bill of materials modules, so, please take a look at their functionality to see if it fits your company.

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