NCAA umpire Scott Cline yells at player after he stops to admire clutch grand slam

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Andrew Benefield had one of the biggest moments of the NCAA tournament so far on Monday when he hit a go-ahead grand slam for Dallas Baptist against Oregon State.

But he didn’t get to enjoy it for too long.

Benefield knew the ball was gone off the bat. He had crushed it and took some time to admire his shot, as you can see via the video below.

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However, his admiration of the blast drew the ire of the home plate umpire Scott Cline. And the wily veteran ump, not wanting Beavers pitcher Joey Mundt to be shown up after allowing the blast, came out from behind home plate to tell Benefield to get a move on.

Well, that’s one way to put a damper on a career-defining moment. Benefield was just admiring what was, probably, the biggest hit of his career, as he put Dallas Baptist in front 6-5 in the bottom of the seventh inning in an elimination game. In fact, it ended up being the game-winning hit.

And after the game, the redshirt freshman spoke about what the moment meant to him.

“It’s surreal. This is why I wanted to come to college so I could experience moments like this,” Benefield said, per Yahoo Sports’ Jason Owens. “I was just looking heater out over the plate. I thought he was going to work away, but it missed over the plate and I just turned on it. I just stuck to our approach and it worked out.

“It’s such a blessing being here at DBU, I love every guy in this dugout.”

Benefield didn’t seem bothered by the actions of the umpire, but this is yet another instance that shows the divide between the older and younger generations when it comes to showmanship in America’s pastime.

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