Nokia Mobile Phones- Needs no Introduction

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The brand name ‘Nokia’ needs no introduction. As most of us know that the Nokia is the world’s largest manufacturer of mobile phones. As far as the market share is concerned, it has a global market share of 36 percent in the first quarter of year 2007. This largest handset manufacturer produces mobile phones for each major market and protocol.

Espoo, a city closed to Helsinki, Finland, is the headquarters of Nokia. Apart from that, it has a manufacturing, R&D and sales representation in many countries. Nokia is the best and largest Finnish company and it accounts half of the market capitalisation of the Helsinki Stock Exchange.

The success of Nokia can be acclaimed to its premier range of products. Nokia has always tried to impart the best technology to the mobile phone users and has met the expectations of all its users to a larger extent. That is why people buy Nokia mobile phones and this brand name has built name of trust for itself. All its latest handset features 3G technology, Bluetooth, camera which supports HSDPA and EDGE.

Some of the latest Nokia mobile phones are E65, E61i, N95, N93i, N800 Internet tablet, N73 music edition, 6086, 5300, 3250Xpress music, and 5300Xpress Music. You can get cheap Nokia mobile phones with the help of mobile phone deals. There are 12 and 18 months line rental contract deal which are really useful from the customer point of view. The best way to look for such deals is the Internet. You can find many mobile phone deals offering gifts and incentives which can cater to your needs in the best possible manner.

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