Options on How to Get a Job in Aviation Industry

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You know why there are some people who are always interested to know how to get a job in aviation industry? This is because jobs in this industry always have a continual demand in the local and international market especially now that there are indicators that the world’s biggest passenger airlines are preparing to procure large number of Boeings and Airbuses from aircraft manufacturers.

By 2028, it was predicted that there will be around 29,000 passenger aircraft that will be flying the sky and 2.4 percent of these will be owned by North American airlines while around 6.9 percent will be owned by the airlines from the Middle Eastern countries. Although there are still no estimates for the European airlines, it is also seen that in Asia and the Pacific alone, there will be around 6 percent growth on the number of planes that will be needed within the 20-year expansion plan.

With this forecasted expansion, it becomes obvious that jobs in the airline industry will never falter no matter how the world’s economy settles. This forecast almost guarantees that there will be more significant jobs either for ground maintenance to plane piloting jobs. Based from the assumptions, the jobs that can be created with the coming of more passenger planes in Asia and Pacific region alone can create around 11,600 jobs while in North America, around 7,200 jobs could be needed.

Seeing the Opportunities

With the given estimates, this gives us the idea that working for the aviation industry can be the best opportunities for those who want to have stable and good-paying jobs. There will be lots of flight crews required that will staff the new aircraft. Lots of pilots too and ground maintenance crew who are crucial to man the planes and manage the airports. Also, by the year 2028, most of the workers on today’s aviation industry are already retired and this will mean more needed staff to replace the retired employees. So from this year on up to the next two decades, the airline industry will be a good place to find and settle jobs with.

On the other hand, how to find a job in aviation industry may not be a simple task to undertake. There are so many factors involved in this aspect. First, you have to have specialization or specialized educational background to fit yourself with any of the aviation jobs. And second, some airlines require that you have to be backed up with many years of experience. So these are the challenges you have to face and fulfill. On the other hand, if you can be able to find the job you want, you can have a rewarding experience with it. So, to help you get started, here are some tips on where and how to get a job in aviation industry.

The Options

  • If you find it hard to find jobs from renowned airline companies, try the discount carrier airlines. These airlines are always in need for more staff as more and more people prefer to fly with discounted fees. Examples of planes in this category are the JetBlue and Southwest Airlines. These discount carriers are getting stronger while some of their giant airline counterparts are struggling from the effect of economic downturn.
  • Look for jobs that are mainly for airport operations. Keep in mind that all airports need people who need to manage the facilities. There could always be the need for people to man the towers, providing security, assisting passengers, customer service support and relations, ground maintenance and administration. You can inquire about job vacancies either from the airlines’ website or through their help desks.
  • Check out private jet operators. In the aviation industry there are also the private business aviation sectors. Most of the giant companies that are in these sectors have their private jets for their families and business partners. You can try applying as a dispatcher, pilot if you are licensed, staff, technician, administrator, flight attendant and business coordinator. Some of the popular private aircraft operators are composed of the Executive Jet Management, Jet Aviation, Netjets, TAG Aviation, Flight Options, Atlantic Aviation, Regal Aviation, Flexjet, New World Aviation, Pacific Jet and more. You can apply directly to these private airline companies and clearly indicate your educational and training background.
  • Try government airlines. You can visit the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) website as they are always in search for experienced and reliable personnel. The FAA has an obligation to regulate the aviation industry so it always list down jobs in its own website. Other than the FAA, your state or local community can also be a good source for aviation jobs especially the travel agencies that relies on tourism.

Jobs in the aviation industry are continually booming and with it are jobs that could put you in a good serviceable position. Now that you know the possibilities on how to get a job in aviation industry, be ready to be armed with tools, education, experience and training so that you can be easily considered for the job you want.

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