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Oracle offshore support is a vital aspect of software users’ responsibility to assure the protection and smooth running of their databases and virtual resources. Oracle itself does not carry out the services, they are carried out by professional outsourcing companies that understand the needs of their costumers and provide the needed and required support. They provide either onsite or remote services for all kind of databases, and most times can be cost effective because of the strategy of utilizing limited staff numbers, and especially when they have to do it remotely. However these outsourcing companies have varying products for offer to clients depending on what exactly you want to achieve.

They render services on a wide range of oracles versions including; Oracle 7,oracle 8, oracle 8i, oracle 9i, oracle 10g, oracle 11g on any of Unix, Linux and Windows platforms. In addition to this, they also provide oracle offshore support in ERP implementation services on oracle modules like; Oracle Financials, Oracle HRMS & Payroll, and Oracle Supply Chain. They can also help costumers migrate from their initial ERP systems to oracle 11i. The companies also provide solutions in CRM implementation in most of oracle modules like; Oracle eSales, Oracle eMarketing, eSupport, iStore, iMarketing, eMail Center, and Oracle Call Cent.

To achieve and provide this highly technical oracle offshore support these companies enlist the services of well experienced and professional individuals and experts in form of oracle database administrators. These experts adopt a multi-disciplinary approach for the ERP and CRM solutions’ implementation. Vast experience in various verticals has enabled them to acquire precise business process knowledge about the processes in the industry. They also possess the capabilities to deliver the complete life cycle implementation process for the Oracle Enterprise Application products.

Organizations can also get responsible oracle application support which is a post implementation support. This is because the outsourcing companies take very seriously the support calls with a very effective call level system. This is borne out of the fact that they have realized through experience that a call level system happens to deliver a higher number of solved problems per staff hour spent. Level 1 staff members have the option of either to resolve or assign a large number of issues in a given day. Providing the quick first response that is critical for users to feel that their concerns are being addressed, and reducing frustration and multiple calls. Oracle offshore support also Provide comprehensive testing, troubleshooting, and functional/technical support and the maintenance of Oracle Applications system interfaces including database architecture/programming.

In general, services provided by outsourcing oracle offshore support companies are categorized basically as; remote DBA support – where services are rendered remotely, DBA outsourcing – which involves either remote, or onsite database management of small or large enterprises. There is also DBA holiday – which involves a short term contract to manage databases that is going on vacation, and DBA single incidence – where a test is done on databases for optimal tuning and security testing prior to when they are meant to go on live. This also includes offering single incident consultation for disaster recovery

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