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1. Title of the System

Computers are sophisticated electronic devices, which can perform many of the functions of the human brain.

In growing competitive world, business firms, prefer maintaining large amount of data in attractive and simple format and at easily accessible places.

Proceeding on the same footprints, the Managers of IT COMPANY also desires automation of their systems. With automated systems, it becomes easy to get up to date information and that too on time, accuracy can also be added to it. The computer based automated system overcomes the problem of maintaining a larger staff of personnel and to manage them is what the article titled “PERSONNEL MANGEMENT SYSTEM” is required to do.

This article involves the automation of detailing and maintenance of all the company’s personnel. It includes the details that an Employer of the company would need about his Employees so that he could view and manipulate details as and when required.

Firms with automated systems can also view and judge weekly, monthly and annual progress of their Company at a glance in some required format which in turn help them to take necessary decisions for proper management of their system and to increase their Company’s productivity and efficiency both in monetary terms as well as in manpower.

2. Objectives of the System

This article offers an alternative to handle the various requirements and needs of the Manager of typical IT COMPANY.

The objective behind the development of this system is to provide a Computer Based System that helps in growth of the Company and managing its resources well and utilizing the capabilities of the personnel at their fullest in order to achieve the goals of the Company.

It offers an easy to use customized solution for IT Managers to maintain the accounts, details of the personnel in the Company. This project achieves the following objectives :

o It is a powerful management system that provides easy to use interface for the operators and users in general.

o Unlike other systems it is robust , quick , secure and maintainable software to be used.

o The system provides details and accounting in an efficient manner.

o It generates various reports and statistics which provide detailed information about the personnel.

3.Input to the System

The input to the system is in the form of screens showing online forms. It presents an easy to use and user – friendly interface to the end – user.The input mainly consists of that of Employees and Project they are assigned. The following forms input from user depending on the functionality and the input generally expected by it:-

o FrmLogin.frm

It expects a valid username and password to visit the main screen. The username and password are verified to ensure security aspect of the system.

o FrmEmp_det.frm

This form allows the user to edit existing details of employee , add new employee information and view Employee related details with an easy to use interface for data – entry. The Identification numbers for each employee are automatically generated and that too sequentially. Employee Information includes Identification Number (Unique), Name, Address, Sex, Phone Number, Designation, Skills, date of joining, type of employee, grade, number of dependents.

o FrmEmp_prev_det.frm :-

This form is used to input the Previous Details of a particular Employee which includes details like previous company name, company address, previous designation, date of joining, salary, experience.

o FrmSal.frm :-

This entry form includes the Salary Information like Basic pay , Allowances and Deductions which are expected for an Employee. Basic pay is fixed for the employee at a particular designation and the allowances and deductions are calculated based on them. Allowances include dearness, house rent, city, etc. whereas the deductions are provident fund, income tax deducted, professional tax, any loans, etc. Total balance is automatically generated based on the entries.

o FrmProj_Det.frm :-

This is used to edit project details, add new project information and view project – related details.Each project is assigned a unique project identification number which is automatically and sequentially generated. Project information includes project title, description, company name for which this project is created, starting date, deadline date, Project manager ID, current status of the project, number of team leaders involved, number of developers involved, technology used, etc.

4. Output of the System

Output in this system is generated through forms and reports.

Forms include :-

FrmEmp_det.frm : This form takes identification number of the employee as input and displays its corresponding details like name, address, designation, etc. alongwith the information about its previous details and salary information.

FrmViewEmp.frm : It is used to show all the employee information with an easy to use interface. The employee details include identification number, name, age, sex, address, designation, phone number, type of employee (developer, project manager, team leader),date of joining, grade, technical skills, number of dependents.

FrmProj_Det.frm : This form displays information about a particular project based on the project identification number selected from the list.It includes details like project name, description, company, start date, deadline date, project manager id, status, number of team leaders, developers involved and the technology used.

FrmViewProject.frm : It is used to display all information about a specific project with a user – friendly interface. The details about the project are same as mentioned above.

Similarly, the output of the system is composed of detailed reports containing information about :-

Employee (rprEmp_det)

Employee Previous Details (rprEmpPrevDet)

Employee Salary Details (rprEmp_sal)

Project (rprproj_det)

Project assigned to Employee (rprProject_Emp)

The system helps us to calculate the total salary of an employee at end of the month alongwith details regarding allowances and deductions. Reports provide information regarding the employees working in the organization, projects handled by the company and the projects being assigned to a number if employees.

These reports help in decision – making and provide the higher level management with information that can be used by them to ensure proper and efficient working of the Company.

5. Process Logic

PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is a computerized automation system that stores all information about the employees, projects in particular and details about the projects assigned to employees. It is a system that is supposed to help the employer of the company to maintain the large amount of data in a maintainable format. The data includes details about the employees and the projects. Employer can gather information, as and when he requires in the form of reports and forms which present a summarized output.

‘Personnel Management System’ can be categorized into four divisions,namely :-

Personnel System

It includes every minor detail of the Employees of the Company. It can be their name, age, address, type of employee, designation, date of joining, etc.

Salary Information System

It involves all details about salary corresponding to employees. Salary information includes basic pay; allowances like DA,HRA,CA,etc. and deductions like PF, PT, income tax,etc.

Sales and Marketing Division

It is concerned with sale and distribution as well as promotion of product or software launched by the Company.

Project Management System

It can include the hierarchical view of the Employees working in the Company.

Manager -> Project Manager -> Team Leader -> Developer.

It includes the projects assigned to each Project Manager or Developer, Status of Project, start date, deadline, etc.

Accounts Department

This department helps in generating Employee’s pay slip and stores his salary information like basic pay, allowances, deductions, grade, etc.

6. Limitations of the Project

A software is a product that can never be said to be prefect or hundred percent accurate and there is always room for improvement.

The proposed automated system works well with the WINDOWS operating system and would fail to work if at all the operating system is changed to LINUX or some other because this system is based on GUI and WIN32 API functions which could only be available with the WINDOWS based suites.Another limitation is that it fails to work in an environment of distributed systems. It is designed to work for an organization with only one branch. It cannot be used for an organization with several branches at various sites.

7.Tools/Platforms, Language used

The hardware used in the system is as follows:

o CPU: Intel Pentium 233 MHz or equivalent

o Support for a communications adapter

o CD-ROM drive

o SVGA or better display resolution

o Mouse or pointing device and keyboard

o Memory requirements: 128 MB Minimum, 256 MB Recommended

o Disk space requirements: 75 MB

Operating system

o Windows NT Workstation or Server Version 4.0 with Service Pack 3 or later

o Windows 95

o Windows 98

o Windows 2000 Professional, Server, or Advanced Server

Database requirements

o SQL server

Language Requirement

o Visual basic 6.0

The reason this configuration has been used is that the software developed has a GUI (Graphical User interface) which requires a good hardware configuration. The Database has been made in SQL server because the SQL server is capable of handling a large sized database.

It is robust and efficient and acts like a good backend.

8. Are you doing the system for industry /client?

The system is developed keeping in mind the growth in industrialization in every field of activity and computerization has added wheels to such development. IT sector is the most fast and emerging sector in this field. IT companies have revolutionized our way of thinking. With development of software regarding each area in industry the production process has improved drastically.

This system aims to provide a way to ease the management process in these IT companies. It can be used to manage employees and their work process in an efficient manner. The companies who want to improve their internal work process, performance and personnel management, it can be quite useful. It will help them to automate their day to day activities and hence achieve higher levels of efficiency and effectiveness both monetarily and manually.

9. Scope of Future Application

This system is used to help the Mangers, Employer of a Company in maintaining and managing Employee Details and Project Details. It does not cover the details regarding Sales and Distribution, Client Management, Software Evaluation and Quality Assurance. Hence, these mentioned functionalities can be added to it.

The major aspect in the system is the management of internal details of employees i.e. assets, loans, salary information, skills, experience and many more that are maintained in a graded format i.e. grades have been assigned to Employees that can help in making decisions regarding projects that could be completed, strength of personnel and finally improving the standard of the Company as a whole.

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