Responsibilities of Owning A Party Catering Business

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So you want to own a party catering business. Is it because you have a passion for cooking? Or is it because you’re an entrepreneur that belongs in the catering industry? Either way, you’ll need the necessary skill set to pull off a successful catering business. It’s actually not that difficult. This is also true even if you don’t like cooking. I say this because a true entrepreneur should know how to run (or own) any business.

The number one thing to consider when starting a catering business is to check if you’re ready for responsibilities of a caterer. These responsibilities include: preparation of meals, delivering the meals, servicing the meals, gaining clients, organizing and planning, and most importantly customer service.

I’ve mentioned that even if you don’t like to cook you can still own a party catering business. In order for that to happen, you must at least have someone in mind to do the cooking. Also, you must have the resources i.e. money to pay that person. Now if you actually like to cook on the other hand, you will have to learn how to cook for a group of people. I’m not talking 4 or 6 people, I’m talking more like 25 – 100’s of people depending on the event you’re booked to cater. It may seem difficult, but with the right planning, it should be easy to pull off.

Another responsibility of a caterer is the responsibility of getting the food to the event. This may seem easy, but it’s more difficult than you can imagine. I say this because if you don’t have a truck or van, you may have to be doing multiple trips to get the food to the event. So, the solution would be to have a truck or van ready for delivery. It may be your biggest investment for the business. If you can’t afford a vehicle for food delivery, than, being the resourceful entrepreneur that you are, ask friends or rent for one. When you are making enough business, you can then think of expanding your party catering business and purchasing a delivery mechanism i.e. truck or van.

You now have delivered the food. Your next responsibility is serving it. Either you do it yourself, or you may have to hire a staff depending on the event. The events you could be catering include weddings, corporation parties, banquets, funerals, or any party that represents a celebration of a milestone in your client’s life. You will need to have equipment such as plates and such to ensure servicing success.

Great! You prepared the food, got the food to the event, and served it. Now, it’s time to mingle with guests. Of course, your food should be enough to gain interest in prospective clients, however, your magnetic personality should come into play. After all, people do business with people (or businesses) they trust. Especially today, people want people they can trust. So if your food was great, your service was excellent, and you have a great personality, it should only be natural that your clients recommend you to their friends. Having your clients gain clients for you is the best way to gain clients in a catering business.

Now that you got a new client because you pulled off some great catering, he wants to use you. If you want to go above and beyond, show them you are prepared and give them a menu. PLAN to book gigs at the event you are going to caterer. If you’re willing, show that you are able to help them plan and organize their event. In doing this, you can plan their party to somewhat showcase your talent. Doing this will provide you with even more business.

Of course, owning a party catering business has other responsibilities. After all, it is a business. However, knowing how to handle the above responsibilities mentioned will have you 70 percent done with the business. The other 30 percent is actually the business side of things. Accounting, insurance, taxes, etc. Owning a party catering business is not that difficult. Just have a positive attitude and you should be good.

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