Tom Brady shatters the moon in new Instagram video

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans are over the moon about Tom Brady. And Tom Brady is over the moon about… electrolytes.

The seven-time Super Bowl champion posted a beach-front video on Instagram Monday afternoon promoting his TB12-brand electrolytes.

In the clip created, Brady takes a gulp of his drink, picks up a football and throws a Hail Mary pass. That is where the fun begins.

As Bruno Mars’ “Talking to the Moon” enters its chorus, the ball begins its ascent, eventually hitting the moon and shattering it into pieces.

Tom Brady blows up the moon in a spot for his TB12 electrolytes.
Tom Brady is literally taking moon shots now.

The moon is not the only thing Brady has blown up. He has challenged the perception of football fans everywhere — the 43-year-old quarterback is still playing at an elite level.

Will he be able to keep it up next season and beyond? It’s unclear if the TB12 sports drink helped him recover from offseason knee surgery any faster, though the defending Super Bowl champ has been going at “full speed” at Bucs training camp.

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