Top MBA Colleges in Delhi Provide Best Placement Offers on Completion of Study

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What do Top MBA Colleges in Delhi Provide in Terms of Career Prospects?

Top MBA Colleges in Delhi NCR provide some great career prospects to aspiring business graduates. Business schools offering MBA courses have mushroomed across India. All major cities in India have MBA colleges. It is very obvious to ask for the rationale behind choosing an MBA College in Delhi. As such there are plenty of reasons for an aspiring MBA student to come to Delhi in search of a dream career. These reasons can be classified into two types. First there are location-specific reasons. Second there are reasons based on comparative advantage that Delhi offers. In this piece we take a look at those reasons that justify Delhi as a choice of higher education in management.

Location Based Reasons for Joining a Top MBA College in Delhi NCR

As said above, there are certain location specific advantages of studying at one of the top MBA colleges in Delhi NCR. First, Delhi NCR offers the best job market to aspiring business graduates. The adjoining cities of New Delhi, Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon and Faridabad which are the constituents of Delhi NCR together comprise one of the most lucrative job markets in India. Second, Delhi offers the best exposure to the different types of corporate cultures in India. Delhi is a cosmopolitan city and is the capital of India. Studying in one of the top MBA colleges in Delhi NCR exposes students to the work cultures of the verticals of software, information technology, e-commerce, retail, consumer goods, consumer durable products, real estate, banking and financial services. Third, Delhi offers the best logistics infrastructure among all cities in India. It makes travel across the city very convenient and easy for the purposes of study and business. Fourth, the city happens to be the destination of choice for new product launches of many brands. People in the city like to experiment with new brands, trends and fashion. Verticals like clothing apparel, online retail, mobile commerce, e-commerce and other technology based streams take advantage of this. Fifth, the city offers the best market to new business enterprises. It can be gauged from the fact that the World Bank in the latest edition of the “Ease of Doing Business Report” has ranked Delhi NCR first on the parameter of ease of setting up a new business. MBA students who nurse dreams of moonlighting and setting up start-up firms along with a regular career in a blue chip corporation shall benefit from the hospitable business climate that the city offers.

Comparative Advantages of Delhi NCR over Other Indian Cities

Many Indian cities offer MBA colleges that are academically good but do not have the necessary corporate interface. For example Calcutta is an excellent city to study but does not offer too many lucrative job opportunities. Chennai is way ahead of technological expertise but fares relatively low on cultural diversity. Mumbai is the financial capital of India and comes closest to Delhi but does not have the logistics infrastructure that the latter offers. More over Mumbai has a typical coastal climate that is not liked by people from the north-eastern parts of India. Delhi scores above these cities over a wide variety of factors and hence is the choice of higher education for a wide variety of students coming from different parts of India. While the above cited metrics are not intended to show disrespect to any of the Indian cities at all, it has to be borne in mind that decisions that are related to career development are to be taken on the basis of reasoning and not sentiments.

A Concluding Note on Top MBA Colleges in Delhi NCR

Studying for an MBA is not about being academically wise. It is about being money wise and career wise. Many students commit the mistake of choosing their destinations for pursuing MBA courses on the basis of hearsay. Well informed decisions are the best decisions in any walk of life and it is no different with opting for an MBA course. The best MBA colleges in Delhi NCR provide unparalleled placement opportunities after the completion of study. It is easy to start one’s career in a city that provides so many benefits under the same roof.

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