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Bobby Valentine's infamous sunglasses-and-mustache disguise
Bobby Valentine
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It’s always Happy Harvey Day whenever the Mets take on Matt Harvey. Two starts, 14 runs given up. The ex-Mets Dark Knight has done a lot more falling than rising since he left Queens. The Mets had one of their best offensive outings of the season on Wednesday, propelling them to a 30-24 record. They have officially hit the one-third mark of the season and have a cozy lead atop the NL East. The heart of the team is Superman, aka Kevin Pillar, who has played an important role.

To talk about Pillar, Taijuan Walker, the win in Baltimore and the upcoming homestand, we bring you a brand new episode of the “Amazin’ But True” podcast with Nelson Figueroa and me. We are joined by former Mets manager and Stamford, Conn., mayoral candidate Bobby Valentine for a fun interview.

Amazin’ But True Podcast with Jake & Figgie:

  • CRUSHING ORIOLES: Mets crush Matt Harvey for a second time. It was a six-homer parade. Billy McKinney continues to provide a boost. Taijuan Walker has been unbelievable this season. Kevin Pillar is the heart and soul of this Mets team right now. What do the Mets do with David Peterson? What’s gone wrong for him?
  • ALONSO’S COMMENTS: Pete Alonso has been tearing cover off the ball. What kind of ball though? We react to Alonso’s comments on MLB changing the balls based on the free agency class. What is Spider Tack exactly? Figgie gets into different substances pitchers have used and have been seen using.

You Got Mail: Fans call into the show and leave emails, including a listener laughing their butt off during Monday’s show and a Figgie fellow fantasy camper calling in.



Bobby Valentine Interview:
Former Mets manager (1996-2002)
, running for Mayor of Stamford, Conn.

  • MAYOR: Running for mayor of Stamford, why he’s doing it, what his plan is.
  • ROJAS: Luis Rojas finding ways to win managing a team missing a bunch of players.
  • MUSTACHE/GLASSES DISGUISE GAME: Looking back 22 years ago yesterday (June, 6, 1999), where he put the mustache and glasses on after getting ejected. Did he ever try that in the past? Did everyone notice him?

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