World of Warcraft in China

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World of Warcraft in China, this is the topic we dicuss today. As follow, I will tell you something different between China and about WoW.

A few days ago,the version of Wrath of Lich King was launched in China. Compared with other countries, it was launched later than 2 years. Why it was not launched together with others? That due to Chinese government.

Chinese government thought WoW was too bloody to fit for youths to play. If this game was eager to be launched in China, it must be changed on appearance and content. Therefore, Blizzard took a long time on negotiating with China.

Now, Wrath of Lich King, this version is allowed to exist in China. However, you could find there is something different from original version. Some skills about Death Knight are changed a lot, of course, the mount of DK is also different which is a lively creature rather than a skeleton bird. Meanwhile, the grave take place of body when players or NPC are dead. Although there are lots of changes in WoW, Chinese players are still eager to play this game. By the way, when WLK was not launched in China, most of Chinese players lived in other countries’ WoW in order to taste the new version and content.

While this is a brief introduction about World of Warcraft in China. In the next post, I will take some interesting photos to tell you the difference of WoW in China.

See you next time.

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