Yankees fan goes full Karen on young Red Sox fans

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Baseball’s oldest rivalry is playing out on one of the the newest social media platforms. And it’s not pretty.

In a viral TikTok from Sunday night’s game, one Yankees fan was caught on camera verbally battling a group of five fearless young Red Sox fans. The woman used a classic response that any Yankees fan recognizes.

Yankees fan shouts at young Red Sox fans at game
Yankees fan shouts at young Red Sox fans at game

“27 rings,” she yelled while holding up the classic “loser” sign to the group of kids.

The cameraman, or someone near them, quickly shut down the “27 rings” argument.

“You were alive for three of them,” they said.

Another fan suggested that a grown woman should not be arguing with a bunch of kids, not matter the hate that exists between the two franchises.

“Oh my God, they are 10 years old.”

The Sox were able to come back from a 3-1 deficit to beat the Yankees 6-5 in extra innings to complete the sweep.

The Red Sox win this round. Maybe next time, Yankees fans should pick on someone their own size.

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